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  • Posted by HRW Staff
  • August 01, 2015

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DINERS: Please call or visit the web site of your chosen restaurant(s) to verify days of the week for meal service times for brunch, lunch and dinner. We have provided all phone numbers and web site URLs on each menu page for your convenience. Thank you.

Check the restaurant's menu page on this site to see if they require reservations or will accept walk-ins. If reservations are required by your selected restaurant, please make your reservations by calling or emailing the restaurant. Some restaurants will also have reservation links you can click on.

When making your reservations, be sure to tell them that you would like the Houston Restaurant Weeks special menu. This will let the restaurant know to make a donation to the Food Bank from the proceeds of your meal.

If using to make your reservation, please write 'Request HRW Menu' in the comments field.

Please arrive on time for your reservation. Pay your check at the end of the meal, just like any other dining experience. 

Please note that the menus on this site were submitted in advance and are subject to change due to availability of product. Restaurants will make every effort to serve what is posted but please be tolerant of any changes.

We encourage diners to be patient when dining in a busy HRW restaurant. Many restaurants will experience an increase in business during HRW. Also, please be generous when tipping. The staff is working very hard to give you a great dining experience.

Splitting or sharing of one HRW meal is not permitted.

Please tip generously. 

Ask the restaurant about To-Go availability for their HRW meals. This is the restaurant's decision.

Some restaurants will require reservations and some will accept walk-ins for the HRW meals. Walk-ins will be accommodated on a space available basis. Making a reservation in advance is recommended if there is a particular restaurant(s) that you don't want to miss. Reservation and walk-in information will be noted on each restaurant's menu page on this site.

If you have any questions about the event please contact:

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